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My work and services.

When I print with the foliage of a plant, it is because I am intrigued by the plant’s Being-ness, which it expresses for example in the shape of its foliage and venation. Some times I focus on documenting these design attributes. At other times I add background, texture, multiple colors and composition to the total plant portrait.  This may require deeper attunement with a plant and experimentation beyond the process of esthetic documentation, but also relaxed playfulness. Technical finesse and my state of awareness ideally merge then for the sake of beauty or merely decor. See

Would they not merge, I would not practice botanical print making nearly full-time, or advocate it as a therapeutic activity one can do without previous art experience. The exhibition at Smith College in the winter of 2012 – 2013 showed that there is no either – or,  only Yes – And ! The technique – two-dimensional as it is – gains depth at the experiential level through engagement with a plant. I print year-round, because I pre-press some plants before I print with them.

I offer to imprint onto paper, cloth or other surfaces plants clients suggest, bring or send me.
Suggestions about color schemes, size, composition are welcomed, and necessary, as is the price range of the commissioned final print or product.

Examples of custom printing:  Fabrics for drapery. Fabrics or leather for chair seats and pillows. Apparel fabrics. Scrolls. Banners. Frame-able art prints on paper.

Definition of “original print and mono print”: Every imprint with foliage onto a surface is a mono (im)print. Even though multiple impressions are possible with the same plant part, the technique of direct printing makes it impossible that two impression are identical. In fact, the best imprint is never the first. Imprints on paper require different inks than imprints on cloth or leather.

Legal agreements concerning the reproduction of Botanigrafika Prints: I retain the copyright for each image / imprint created by me, whether it is commissioned or not. However, buyers / clients have the option to purchase original work and acquire limited rights of reproducing that print. Without such legally binding agreement, I or my representatives retain all rights of reproduction.

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