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So whats a “Storefront Studio and Fabric Gallery” anyway?

December 15, 2017

Now here is a kindred spirit – from my point of view! Dedicated to Nature AND textiles…. what fun to do and fun to bring home, sew with or buy something Martha sewed. Those of us who live here, feel nurtured by the natural world that surrounds us. And those who live elsewhere, can take impressios of it home, in their minds and imprinted on cloth.

Martha Flood Design Blog

Umm, Sometimes I wonder. Maybe I can explain…


Most Artists, like me, are private people. Unless painting outdoors “plein air” or teaching, they prefer to work alone in their studios, displaying work in shows, galleries and “Open Studios” events.

But what if you didn’t have room in your house and you lived in a super cool city, like North Adams, with a thriving art community, like North Adams, and had community support, like North Adams? What if there were lonely storefronts in your city with reasonable rents and artist friendly zoning laws? Why not get out of the house and set up a workspace in a storefront? Do it!

So, this is a multi purpose space where I create artwork, sew and even practice the accordion (more on that later). My original fabrics are always on display, (“The Woodlands Collection” nature inspired designs printed onEcoPoly canvas made from recycled bottles) I sell fabric…

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