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About Satyugasanam

A site with images of art, and essays by Leonore Alaniz.  For mutual inspiration and education, with links to relevant web sites and space for your  comments. The main pages focus on

  • botanical print making; plants and their role in human lives;  art for sale and special orders; instruction.
  • collection diagami – attire of art fabrics I created, and sewn in a manner that utilizes the entire cloth. Available as special orders or limited editions. Advancing toxin-free, slow cloth-ing.
  • yogic life science;  raja yoga as taught by Paramhansa Yogananda.
  • biographical information.

Satyugasanam is comprised of three Sanscrit words ending with “m”:

sat = truth; satya yuga is the yuga (epoch) of truth at the zenith of all yugas.

yuga = one epoch within one 26ooo year cycle of  vedic cosmology.

asana = physical and mental poise, aligned and balanced to embody union

m = the unifying, inward sound, creating “nam” as final syllable.

satyugasanam sums up my search to unite and balance what once appeared to be several vocations. Now each syllable informs the whole, the asana of living content, attuning Self to highest purpose.

  • Raja Yoga;;  Ananda Yoga; YogaEd; teachings; practice with self and others; bontanical printing;
  • passing on vocational and life science skills.
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  1. George Rogers permalink

    Ginkgo makes such a perfect , almost designed for it.

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