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Ode to the Gingko Tree

November 15, 2012

One Gingko Tree

one hundred and eight of its leaves

each one unique expressively

part of one greater Entity.

One hundred and eight Gingko Trees lining the street.

Are they the same?

Willfully present each one

rooted as you and I with purpose in shared Destiny.

One park many trees.

Do you see their Variety?

Wind moving trunks and branches,

Leaf sounds heard by you and me.

Their shade now yielding to the Sun,

absorbed with color, life,

at once they tumble.

Showered with gold and humble

we recognize in this free-fall surrender of identity:

Life and decay in imminent proximity,

in seasons measured still by you and me.

And the Gingko Tree?

Indifferent to techno-age impurity

and imbued with medicinal substance

it pledges timeless allegiance.

O incarnate sum of consciousness we perceive as tree,

one hundred and eight of your leaves beholding infinite harmony.

© Leonore Alaniz

celebrating the gingko trees lining the street I live on.

New York City.  Winter 1995-6

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