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Maple fruits

November 5, 2012

Maple fruits - not seeds  I was told by a botanista....

The full-size original image is 4 x 4 inches,  copyright protected. Giclee reproductions are available for $ 10 each, incl shipping.

From → Botanical Prints

  1. George Rogers permalink

    Leonore, Your prints capture “the real thing”—makes me feel good to see…sort of resonates with memories and internalized images.

    • George, you are the only commentator at my site! I am glad its You! You count as Many! I love your posts. My website needs work. I’ll do it for your sake, haha ! Thanks for taking note. I am pasting in here a pdf, converted from a PSD many MB scan. I don’t know how to convert it into a jpg. Its a milk Weed seed imprints. It is grainy now, due to the conversion, but some dropets do sit in the fluffs. Am also sending in another email to you (I copied the above address) of what i consider to be my BEST Nature Print in 23 years practice in that technique. It is the two-tome imprint of Rabbitfoot Clover. Stand by…. I publish few of my prints online because i need to earn a living with them and need to prevent theft. What is your direct email George? I am not a computer techie. …

      Also, I like to join a botanical Organization that might be able to use my prints as alternative docents of plant “anatomy” and design,or taxonomy? if i may call it that.

      I hope you get this, pl let me know if it arrives. Thank you. Leonore Alaniz.

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